Nobody ever asked my birthday

Chapter 288

Harry was storming off to Transfiguration - not having time after Snape's class was an unfortunate consequence of him devouring all the classtimes for all four Houses. As he crashed down the stairs, his footsteps booming like a giant's, He heard an odd chirping noise from... above him?

Harry looked up, easily spotting Luna Lovegood. "Luna?" He asked, erasing the what the hell are you doing up there?

"Harry! Your wrackspurts are forming a hideous horde!" Luna said, for once seeming scared.

"Oh, really?" Harry asked dryly. "I'd never have guessed."

Luna patted the stone beside her (her feet were dangling off the oddly jutting bit of stone... balcony, you might say. "Come up here with me!"

Harry shook his head, smiling indulgently, "I've got Transfiguration next, and Professor McGonagall doesn't like people being late."

"Not today." Luna said, smiling, "Today, you'll do better with me."

Harry paused, thought about it - specifically, at how angry he was, and how much that interfered with him concentrating. "You're right, Luna, just hang on."

As he turned around and rushed up the steps to the level which Luna was on, he felt curious - what/why had Luna asked for him? Was it to study the wrackspurts - whatever they were?

Hermione saw him coming, and groused, "You've got transfiguration next, Harry - McGnagall hates it when anyone's late."

Luna said, loudly, from above, "Refer to Section 4, paragraph 92, line 3."

Hermione turned her head upwards looking at Luna with wide eyes. Eventually she finished her recall search, saying, "Luna! I should have known." With a chagrined smile, she looked at Harry and said, "Have fun!"

Harry was amused, himself, at the ability of Luna Lovegood to work miracles. Anyone who could manage to get Hermione to allow him to skip class? Miracle worker!

Harry darted through the crowd, now that he was no longer completely lost to fury, it refused to part for him on instinct. When he scrambled off the stairwell onto the fifth floor, he started searching for the path that would lead to Luna's airy balcony. It was difficult to find - more than five minutes searching, and he'd know where it was, too!

Luna started as she saw him, and Harry would have worried she'd have fallen, if it wasn't Luna Lovegood, Resident Miracle Worker. Luna would probably just fly. "Oh! we aren't going to stay here. As the sun's up, let's try the top of the Astronomy Tower."

Harry would have said something about Luna burning, but she kept a pretty brutal pace, and he nearly had to jog to keep up.

[a/n: since harry's going to ask, and it's no secret - Luna's exploiting a clause in Hogwart's rules, specifically one about tutelage to teach children to control their magic. Aka, she's treating Harry like he's eleven, because he's not managing his magic well. Harry thinks it's been instinct that's been keeping his paths clear - it hasn't...

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And as to why Snape hasn't taught Harry control? Snape found him more useful without boundaries. Besides, who needs control when you can let your magic lash out at Death Eaters?]