Nobody ever asked my birthday

Chapter 44

Hermione was taking notes. Hermione Granger was drawing a diagram. Harry felt,well, almost unreasonably proud. He had actually managed to come up with a plan decent enough - complex enough - that Hermione had to take notes to keep it in her head. Or maybe it was just to re-explain it to him, when she spotted the holes. Either way, it was somewhat gratifying. Hermione was always his best resource when it came to plans... He just needed to remember to use his own muscles every now and then. After all, what if she wasn't there? A dark feeling passed over him, like the shadow of death chilling his bones. He looked up at Hermione, who hadn't noticed his inattention, as she was describing exactly how she knew that Hannah was a better choice than Sue Bones. Harry shook his head, pleased that he had already come up with those thoughts, "I know it'll take more convincing for Sue than Hannah. But Smith likes Sue, you know, um, that way." Harry said pleasantly, mentally cursing himself for not being able to express himself coherently. Why was it that when the topic came to love, to affection even, he started stammering like a lightblinded fool?

Finally, after over an hour of pouring over a plan that would (hopefully) take less time than that to accomplish, Harry and Hermione jumped to their feet, doing the frog-dance that Harry had taught Hermione in their first year. It was a perfect series of movements for shaking out tight muscles and stretching out backs bent double from overwork. As they finished the dance they hugged each other, giggling with the fresh, unburdened sensations that dance always brought out in both of them. Last year, it'd been the only thing able to make Hermione Granger smile in the last week before their OWLs.

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